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Shop new OCEANIA Collection|| Free shipping within Aus & discounted worldwide shipping on orders over $200 || AfterPay

DROPLET RING: Raw Druzy Azurite & White Sapphire

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Design:  Drops of magic accented with dewy silver bubble accents & a faceted gem centerpiece.

Stone:  Natural untreated raw druzy Azurite stone with a faceted White Sapphire.

Material:  Sterling Silver.

Size:  6.5

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AZURITE holds more of the indigo colour ray than any other mineral on earth. This stone links the conscious and subconscious minds together and holds all of the characteristics of the indigo ray - wisdom, focus, mental ability, spiritual vision, psychic development and understanding of higher purpose. This stone uses the mental levels & its link to the higher self to transform hidden aspects such as fears into understanding. Hidden within this stone is also the Orange Ray - empowering all its activities with creativity, warmth and vitality. This links the sacral and third eye chakras together through the heart chakra allowing flow of energy and communication - Azurite is the keeper of this ancient wisdom which is powerful in Tantric practices. If you are drawn to this stone it may indicate there is something trapped in your subconscious that is being denied it's path of realisation and/or healing.
All of the blues of the great Oceans are found within SAPPHIRE, so being drawn to this stone may be a sign you are being called to the cleansing energies of the ocean. It is one of the most famous gemstones on earth, sacred in many cultures around the world and one of the most revered 7 crystals of Lemuria. Sapphire carries one of the most calming & peaceful energies available in the mineral kingdom, and is the stone of spiritual truth. Truth is love and is acted on through the heart, with the clarity of wisdom. As a stone of higher communication it opens all of the communication centers, enabling psychic abilities, accurate intuition, and is a powerful stone of channelling. Through work with this stone, awareness of one's life purpose may present itself in such a way that the path to achieving it is made clear.