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Island Of Suns Collection LIVE! | Free Shipping On Orders Over $200 AUD & Discounted WorldWide shipping | AfterPay

YEMAYA CUFF: Pearl & Paua Shell

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Design:  An ode to Yemaya - the Goddess of the Waters. Ocean dipped mermaid adornment for your wrists.

Stone:  Natural Freshwater Pearl & ethically sourced Paua Shell from NZ. Our Paua Shell is sourced as a bi-product & would otherwise be considered wastage. Our heartfelt intention is to honour it's natural beauty.

Material:  Sterling Silver.

Size:  5.5" + 1" gap. Adjustable - can be worn with a gap, closed, or with each side oblique.




New Zealand PAUA SHELL'S mantra is 'The beauty of Life'. It's energy is of the divine feminine and is soothing, comforting, strengthening & heart opening. It's thought to give protection through the changes and transitions in life and encourages one to realise we come out more beautiful - just as the Paua's irredescent colours are revealed through being tumbled by the sand & ocean floor.

Its also considered a sacred shell and was once reserved only for the Maori Princesses. It represents 'whetu' or the stars of our ancestors watching over us. 


PEARLS are highly iridescent and lustrous holding the beauty of the moon & the water in their silvery shimmer. They represent the ultimate source of wisdom through experience & also are strongly connected to purity. As a stone of emotion, they assist us in revealing our innate Divine Beauty as we learn to embrace our emotional journey here on Earth as well as to spiritualise the emotions of the Heart Chakra (which we also need in this time on Earth). Pearl is also linked to Whales and Dolphins and Quan Yin.

Together with Moonstone and Silver, Pearl forms a Sacred Feminine Trinity that helps us to re-connect with our sacred feminine which may have been lost at any stage in our lives. Pearl can increase intuition and can be worked with to learn the spiritual basis of sexuality and sacred union. It helps to balance hormones and bring a woman into alignment with the moon's phases. In Atlantis, Pearl was a stone of childbirth.

 IBuddhism, 'Divine Pearl', is the 'mani' in the mantra "Om mani padme hum" -the "jewel that grants all desires". In ancient Vedic texts pearls are considered the 'Daughter of the Moon' - gifted by Krishna to his daughter on her wedding day after he plucked the first Pearl out of the ocean. 

 Purity ~ Innocence ~ Feminine ~ The Moon ~ Nature's Cycles ~ Divine Beauty ~ Fertility ~ Motherhood ~ Children ~ Hormone Balance ~ Whales & Dolphins ~ Quan Yin