Venus Ring: Raw Tanzanite

Inspired by Venus, the planet of love & beauty..

Featuring a beautiful raw Tanzanite gem found in Tanzania, Africa. Tanzanite is very rare and carries a special energetic purpose for you if you feel drawn to it.

Crafted with love from Sterling Silver & stamped with crescent moons (feminine) and a sun (masculine) along the tapered band (metal stamps are handmade and sourced sustainably from generations of traditional Native American tribes).

Size 7 or N 1/2


TANZANITE ~ 'Let me ready you to serve humanity, activate and open the higher senses so that you may see reality. Listen carefully now for the sounds of your soul, its whispers hold your freedom and path.'

Tanzanite holds the title of Angelic Messenger, making it the most powerful link stone to the Angelic Kingdom on Earth at the time. It is a stone of personal power and mastery and anchoring claireaudience, clairvoyance and all forms of spirit communication. If you are drawn to this stone you are entering a stage of great spiritual development in service to mankind.


One of a kind & hand~crafted with love x

Price: $240.00