Droplet Neckpiece: Sugilite

Hand crafted using a gorgeous and rare purple & magenta Sugilite gem..

The stone is enshrined by hand using 24k Gold Vermeil (Gold plated over Sterling Silver).

Sits on a 16" Sterling Silver chain.


SUGILITE: 'Let my hand take yours, together we will walk the journey of life as a child, we will laugh and play, free from the harder illusions of physicality.' Via Sugilite, you can embody the the essence of the spiritual mind and deliver it to physicality through stimulated intuition. Sugilite is primarily a crystal to aid in the anchoring of highly spiritualised concepts and those with highly spiritualised minds into a physical world. It is a gem of divine purpose and the Inner Child, urging you to retain or reclaim this into adulthood, rebirthing the adventurous spirit, joy, laughter and allowing life to become a spiritual experience.


One of a kind and hand crafted with Love x

Price: $220.00