XL Celestite Cluster

A sparkling angelic blue Celstite cluster..

Adorn your home, altar or sacred space & receive this gems heavenly energies.

Measures 13 x 7cm


CELESTITE attunes one to heightened powers of rationality so is good for mental activities & complex ideas, as well as for spiritual states- allowing one to recall & acknowledge the gifts with themselves & within all. Celestite stabilises the yin yang energies and is therefore the 'Stone of Balance' working on clearing, energising & pefecting all of the chakras.The name Celestites is deriven from the Latin word 'heavenly', as it is said to have acces to the information & purity of the angelic realms. The data within the stone is able to be accessed by the user as an innate wisdom with respect to one's spiritual advancement. Celestite brings hope in days of despair, calmness & harmony to one's life. It has a special gift to offer those in the persuits of music, delicate arts & the quest for Bliss.

In regards to healing, Celestite transmute pain & chaos into love & light, & physically has been used to treat the eyes, hearing, mental functions, toxins & digestive disorders..

Price: $220.00