Fluorite Generator

An intricate & majestic standing green Fluorite single terminated healing wand.

Adorn your home, altar or sacred space and benefit from its metaphysical gifts.

Measures 12 x 3.5cm

FLUORITE has been used by cultures such as the Ancient Egyptians & Chinese for thousands of years for its calming, harmonising & stabalising energies~ carved into sacred talismans as well as ground up into water & taken as an elixar to elimanate pain from the body. Known as the "Genius Stone", it is known to heighten mental abilities, while relieving stress and absorbing negative & inteferring energies on all levels. Due to its strong ability to transmute it must be cleansed regularily. When containing purple, Fluourite works with the higher Chakras increasing intuitive energies & connection to spirit. When containing green hues, Fluorite works from the Heart Chakra enhancing self love as well as radiating strong healing vibrations.

Price: $65.00