Ocean Jasper & Cowrie Shell neckpiece

Mottled Ocean Jasper in union with sacred Cowrie Shell enshrined in hammered recycled Sterling + Fine Silver

Sits on a 28" sterling silver chain adorned with Smokey Quartz beading.


COWRIE SHELL has been used in tribes ancient & new as sacred adornment & is thought to offer Goddess protection and impart the strength & power of the sea. It's also said to improve fertility.

OCEAN JASPER is an extremeley nurturing stone, and with its soft, gentle and joyful engergy it will remind you to look after yourself and embrace love in all your activities. A stone to encourage self-love and self-care, its flowing ocean like energy will help you to slow down and connect with yourself on all levels to bring greater joy to your life.


Handcrafted with love x

Price: $260.00