Sonora Sunrise & Opal Neckpiece

A powerful Sonora Sunrise gem from Mexico crafted with recycled sterling silver.

Sits on an 18" Sterling Silver chain adorned with Ethiopian Opal beads.


SONORA SUNRISE is the combination of Chrysocolla & red Cuprite.  Chrysocolla embodies the sacred Goddess energies to empower men & women to communicate with love, clarity & truth. It is thought to be strengthening, calming & peaceful with very powerful healing abilities. Chrysocolla bridges the heart, throat & third eye chakras bringing the wearer's thoughts, feelings & actions into alignment. Cuprite however, works on the level of the Base & Sacral Chakras, releasing the flow of vital life force energy, strengthening willpower & kindness and encouraging one to explore the highest hidden knowledge of the inner self. For these reasons it has been speculated since Ancient times as the gem of hermits and monks.


One of a kind & hand-crafted with love x

Price: $240.00