Raw Hemimorphite Neckpiece

An exotic and glorious specimen of Hemimorphite enshrined in Sterling + Fine silver. A jewel fit only for a Goddess.

Strung on an 18" Sterling Silver chain adorned with faceted Apatite beads.


HEMIMORPHITE ~ 'Feel my gentle breath upon you, now let me open you to the joy of the creator, a vision reserved for those who hold the key to the egoless state. I offer to you freedom through self-respect and self-love on all levels. Search deep within your heart to the glistening pools of loving expression realised, every breath unconditional and all loving. We have opened your path of Truth. Let the world no longer cast a shadow, through your eyes, by choice, you are free.'


One of a kind & hand~crafted with love.

Price: $320.00