Aquamarine Angel Neckpiece

A beautiful translucent raw and etheral Aquamarine made to sit at the throat chakra- a jewel to wear every day infusing you with its crystal medicine.

Hand~crafted using recycled Sterling & Fine Silver and naturla untreated Aquamarine from Pakistan.

Neckpiece sits on an 18 " sterling silver chain adorned with faceted Apatite bead detailing.


AQUAMARINE is a stone that calms and soothes, inspiring truth, trust and letting go. It is like a mirror, reflecting indefinitley, allowing us to come face to face wiht ourselves and explore the darkest depths of our soul. In ancient times aqua-marine was believed to be the treasure of the mermaids, today it embodies all things connected to the sea.


One of a kind & hand crafted with love.

Price: $240.00