Light Ring: Smokey Quartz

Light rings are daintier with a slimmer band and an open back to allow the gem to radiate against your skin and align with your energies.

Featuring an Australian Morella SMokey Quartz gem, mined deep in the earth in in Vic, Australia.

Crafted with 24k Gold Vermeil (Gold plated over Sterling Silver.)

Ring is size 8 or P 1/2


Smokey Quartz holds great light, and retains the most profound frequency of all the darker minerals on the planet. It reminds us of the divinity in all physicality and the blinding light that we ourselves are. Therefore for the ungrounded, depressed, tired of life, insecure and fearful of change & failure, Smokey Quartz helps to find the path of equality, balance, unity to become peaceful, calm and present. This is a mastery over physicality, is infact a path of service, helping one to find your deepest light that gives you life, accepting everything and everyone in love.


One of a kind & hand~crafted with love x

Price: $210.00