Rainbow Chakra Danburite Ring

This exquisite and unique Danburite gem has an array of rainbow coloured chakra lights running up it's center!

Crafted using Sterling & Fine Silver.

Ring size is N or 6.75


Straight from the Angels with love is D A N B U R I T E

'The stone of the crossing' is a gem for those on their path of Enlightenment, a key to the heavens it can be used to communicate and receive guidance from light beings, angelic beings, Ascended Masters and others.

This stone resonates at such a high vibration it may be felt as an electric shock. The Pink Danburite connects the Crown Chakra (and higher Chakras) to the Heart Chakra, bridging inner and outer vision and knowing, healing and releasing tension in the emotional body to be able to accept greater Light shining through.

A very powerful stone it can also assist with lucid dreaming and inter-dimensional travel, and should therefore always be balanced with grounding activities. 

Blessed is one who receives its gifts!


One of a kind & hand crafted with love x

Price: $240.00