Royston Turquoise Cuff

A beautiful cuff in prefect balance, bringing forth the Turquoise energies of the merging of masculine and feminine.

Made with natural untreated Royston Turquoise, from Nevada, US.

Sterling & Fine Silver & made to fit M sized wrist (slightly adjustable) : Circumfrence of 6.5" which includes a 1" gap


TURQUOISE combines the Water, Wind, Fire & Earth energies, containting the power and unity of the Storm element. It is a stone of wholeness, reminding us that all aspects of the self & all experiences are valid on our Earth walk. As it is a stone of the Throat Chakra is encouragess us to bring forth our deepest wisdom & empowers us to share it, recognising we all have something to contribute to the collective. Turquoise is serene, peaceful & loving.


Hand~crafted with love & one of a kind.

Price: $460.00